Weekend Itinerary Ideas

We know that the Alberta Pond Hockey Tournament will bring its fair share of fun and excitement, however, there is lots more to enjoy in the Mighty Peace. We have come up with 3 fantastic itineraries for you to plan your weekend around and have a swell time.


Lookouts & Statues

Got half a day to spare? This half day itinerary will have you taking in some spectacular and breathtaking views in the Mighty Peace. The prospect of a fabulous lunch at one of our favourite local eateries will be sure to whet your appetite and complete your day on an unbeatable high.


Bring Your Toys And Come Play

You are spoiled for choice this weekend. Three days of exploration, relaxation and entertainment in the Mighty Peace with chances to hit the slopes up at Misery Mountain Ski Area, enjoying a relaxing time at Figure 8 Lake and enjoy the ultimate Pond Hockey Experience at the 2019 Alberta Pond Hockey Championship!


Heritage Buffs

Imagine packing your day with a bit of Alberta’s rich history which takes you to the hidden gems of the Mighty Peace? Wonder no more, we have the perfect itinerary for the heritage buff keen to discover something spectacular about decades and centuries gone past that is alive today. This 8-10 hour itinerary is a true journey of discovery and splendor.

Explore Our Region

The Mighty Peace is an aspen parkland region centring on the Peace River in Canada. The Mighty Peace region in north western Alberta covers an area of 110,854 square kilometers.