10 Quirky Stops In The Mighty Peace

It is no secret that the Mighty Peace is full of eccentric and quirky little stops and store fronts that all have a story to tell. The Mighty Peace is also full of the friendliest Albertans you will meet.

1. Johnny’s Sausage and Meats
Alberta has close to two million more cattle than it does humans and is known for producing some of the highest quality beef on the planet. The Town of Grimshaw is home to a gourmet butcher shop called Johnny’s Sausage and Meats. Their meat is crafted with love and people travel far and wide to stop by Johnny’s Sausage and Meats. Next time you are in the Mighty Peace make sure you pick up a package of their tasty beef jerky.

2. Radiance Florist & Boutiques
This boutique is jam packed with loads of locally sourced gifts. There is also tasty treats that you can purchase from a local baker. If you are crafty check out their upcoming DIY workshops.

3. Su Casa
Su Casa has the most amazing authentic Mexican food. This restaurant has all the staples that you would expect from an authentic Mexican restaurant; with all of the bright colours, quirky decorations and the BIG Mexican hat! They have an epic mural beside their gorgeous patio that is worth a picture or two.

4. J’s Java Domain
Warm up with one of their tantalizing speciality coffees. Wednesdays are Veggie Burger Day at J’s Java Domain. Their homemade veggie burger is cooked to perfection served with spinach, tomato, pickles, mayo, mustard and melted cheese on a fresh, house-made ciabatta bun. The best part is the cafes magic touch on the spices.

5. The Town of Peace River Murals
The Town of Peace River is an artistic community hub for the Mighty Peace. The Town has an abundance of large picture worthy murals all over the downtown core.

6. Peace River Brewing
Tickle your tasty bones and give Peace River Brewing a try. Explore the flavours of some local hops to the region.

7. The Bodhi Tree Eco Boutique
The Bodhi Tree Eco Boutique is a cute little gift shop and yoga studio. All of the products here in the boutique have a story to tell. They’ve been sustainably sourced, consciously created and hand-crafted in small villages by the local artisans and not mass produced in factories. The ingredients in their wide selection of consumable products are all natural and non-toxic.

8. Daka Antiques
Go back to a simpler time and explore the Daka Antiques store in the Village of Nampa. This store has authentic antiques and can tell the story and history of where the antiques came from.

9 Berwyn Water Tower
The Mighty Peace has many roadside attractions that you must stop at for a quick picture! The Village of Berwyn was one of the last communities in Alberta with a wooden water tower. The tower was a local landmark until it was taken down in 1982. The Village of Berwyn celebrates their past and has a beautiful water tower located on Highway 2 that you must stop at.

10. Farmer’s Restaurant
Farmers Restaurant is a unique dinning experience and a must try while in the Mighty Peace. Farmers is a modern licensed cafe with an eclectic, refinished twist — serving homemade fare and specialty coffee in a clean and bright atmosphere rooted and retrofitted with interesting pieces of local history. Make sure you look around and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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