12 Reasons Why The Alberta Pond Hockey Championship Is The Greatest Winter Event

The Alberta Pond Hockey Championship is an annual event that takes place in early March.

1. Outdoor Rinks
There are 15 outdoor rinks at the Alberta Pond Hockey Championships. Two are dedicated as Family Rinks and can be used all weekend long for ice skating.

2. The Teams
Teams make the journey from all over Canada and a few teams even come internationally for their chance to stake claim to the Alberta Pond Hockey Championship and hoist the prestigious trophy. In total there are usually about 40 teams that make the journey to represent their town or city.

3. Good Old Hockey
There are hundreds of games that take place. The tournament is organized into Competitive, Recreational, Old Timers, Womens and Junior divisions. There are even ringette games and speed skating that takes place as well.

4. Music
The tournament plays music for three days straight. Everything from Country to Pop and everything in between.

5. Food & Drinks
The Alberta Pond Hockey Championships has Mr. Mikes Steak House Casual cater the event with delicious Alberta Beef burgers, hot dogs and smokies. The beer garden is stocked with all of your favourite beer and coolers.

6. Timmy’s
The Tim Hortons Cruiser is on site for the whole tournament serving up free hot chocolate and coffee to keep spectators and players warm.

7. The Ice Sculptures
The Alberta Pond Hockey Championships always out does themselves with an extravagant, picture worthy ice sculpture. The anticipation builds leading up to the tournament with players and fans guessing what the ice sculpture will be next.

8. The Gala
On the Saturday of the event there is a Gala event that takes place with live entertainment. The Gala usually always sells out and is a huge party.

9. Scenic Helicopter Tours
There is always scenic helicopter tours offered at the Alberta Pond Hockey Championship. Experience the Mighty Peace from an aerial view. The rinks, players and fans are quite the sight to see from up above.

10. One of the Largest Pond Hockey Events on Earth
This is one of the largest pond hockey events on earth. 40 teams attend, 15 rinks are made, 1 speed skating oval, and thousands of spectators and players.

11. Pond Hockey Is a Canadian Tradition
A more Canadian event does not exist.

12. Lac Cardinal Provincial Park
The event takes place at one of the most beautiful Provincial Parks in Alberta. There are snowshoe trails, ice skating and wildlife viewing at the park.

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