6 Ways To Make Tracks In The Mighty Peace

Explore the Mighty Peace this Winter in a unique way! Our visitors say Winter travel is the funnest in the Mighty Peace.


1. Snowmobiling 

When Northerners want to cover ground, they fire up a snowmobile. The Peace Valley Snowriders have three great groomed trails in the Mighty Peace. 

Wesley Creek Trail 

Officially opened March 5, 2016 in conjunction with the Club’s first Poker Rally.  This 30 km trail runs in a loop to the east and north of St. Isidore.  The staging area can be accessed from Township Road 842 north of St. Isidore.

Leddy Lake Trail 

Officially opened March 19, 2011.  Located north of Peace River.  Runs 40 km north from the Leddy Lake Recreation Area to the area of Driftwood Lake near Deadwood.  The trail also includes a small loop near the Leddy Lake Recreation Area.

Smith Mills Trail 

Officially opened March 11, 2017. The East End Staging Area is located to the north of Grimshaw and the West End Staging Area is located to the north of Hines Creek.  Runs 60 kilometers from north of Figure Eight Lake to just east of Stony Lake.  This trail includes a loop near the west end of the trail that has a magnificent view of the area.


2. Charter A Scenic Flight 

Take the ultimate sightseeing tour, skimming low over our winter wonderland. Black Swan Helicopters or Alpine Helicopters Inc can help you plan your arial experience. 


3. Snowshoeing 

Pioneered by First Nations people, snowshoeing is an indigenous way to master the snows. It is a great way to work up a sweat and visit trails that you would not have the opportunity to by foot. Misery Mountain Ski Area, Figure 8 Lake, Wilderness Park and Lac Cardinal Provincial Park are all great places to snowshoe. 


4. Skiiing & Snowboarding 

Skiing and snowboarding is one of the best ways to experience winter in the north. With the scenic trails, fresh air on your face and the possibility of seeing wildlife there is not much more you can ask for. Misery Mountain Ski Area trails are friendly for both beginning riders to the most advanced skiers and snowboarders.


5. Skating 

Experience hockey and skating the way nature intended it to be on a big frozen lake. There are groomed outdoor rinks in various communities as well as groomed family rinks at the Alberta Pond Hockey Championship. 


6. Road Trip 

Take a vehicle and tour our full day Heritage Buff Tour. This tour will take you approximately 8-10 hours and you will experience the Mighty Peace’s natural beauty while stopping at historic sites on the way. 


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