4 Of The Best Places To Snowshoe In The Mighty Peace

1. Misery Mountain Ski Area

Misery Mountain Ski Area has an abundance of snowshoe trails that are great for beginners and expert snowshoers. The hill has the most breathtaking 360-degree view of the Peace River Valley at the top.

2. Figure 8 Lake Provincial Recreation Area

Pack a lunch and go out for the whole day. Figure Eight Lake Provincial Recreation Area is a little slice of winter paradise. With an abundance of snowshoe trails the lake makes the perfect location for an authentic Canadian experience.

3. Wilderness Park

Wilderness Park is within the Mighty Peace’s magical Boreal Forest. The snowshoe trail is a fully treed loop that either starts or ends at a small frozen lake. Keep an eye out for wilderness friends as you navigate the trail.

4. Lac Cardinal Recreation Area

Lac Cardinal Recreation Area is home to the Alberta Pond Hockey Championships. Bring your snowshoes and hit up some trails in between pond hockey games. If you stay late enough you might even get to experience the Northern Lights.

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