The Details

It doesn’t get more Canadian than this!

The Alberta Pond Hockey Championship is comprised of a team of four players competing against another team of four player with no goaltenders. Each team can have one substitute player. The game is played on an natural outdoor ice surface that is approximately 150 feet by 75 feet or 75% of a regulation ice surface. Each game’s 30 minutes in length with two 15 minute halves.


General Rules

  • Substitutions are allowed with a maximum of five players per team
  • There will be a random draw to determine schedule/ opponents
  • All games games are 30 minutes (two 15 minute halves)
  • Each team is guaranteed 5 games between Friday and Saturday
  • Top 20 teams will advance to the play-off-rounds on Sunday. Teams will be seeded.
  • Scheduling requests may be considered.

Teams will only be allowed to substitute a player after a goal is scored upon them. The player entering the game must enter the ice from behind their own net.

Note: Tournament organizers reserve the right to limit the number of team entries based on scheduling dynamics.


Full Tournament Rules

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